LT-100 Sixteen Channel Thermometry System

  • Simultaneous display of up to 16 channels
  • Thermocouple-based
  • Does not interfere with ultrasound or RF heating fields; screens out RF interference and environmentally-caused artifacts
  • Updates temperatures from all channels as quickly as every half-second (2 seconds for hyperthermia)
  • Programmable for experimental research functions
  • Automatic calibration (2 point) 
  • Temperature range: 25 °C to 55 °C and 0 °C to 100 °C

Ultrasound Coupling Gel

  • Non-sensitizing, hypoallergenic gel
  • Spreads evenly and easily without running
  • Excellent transmission of ultrasonic waves
  • Non-injurious to transducers or coupling membrane
  • Not adversely affected by temperature
  • Viscosity optimized for use in hyperthermia therapy
  • Sterile or non-sterile types available

 Thermocouple Probes

  • Single sensor or linear array probes for use with SONOTHERM® 1000 and INTERTHERM™ 100
  • 20 ga to 26 ga hypodermic needle probes
  • Up to 4 sensors per probe
  • Hypodermic needle or implantable catheter-type probes (for INTERTHERM™ 100) available


Sonoclear™ Water Deaeration System

  • Quickly produces 95% deaerated water for use in the SONOTHERM® 1000 patient coupling bolus
  • Portable
  • Compact: takes up less space than one foot of counter space
  • Easy to use: pour in tap water, set valves, and switch on
  • Produces 6 liters of deaerated water with less than 0.6 ppm dissolved oxygen in 5 minutes

Ultrasound Test Phantom

  • Approximates acoustic properties of soft tissues
  • Stable testing material for reliable, repeatable results
  • Excellent training tool
  • Thermocouples pre-positioned within phantom at depths of 2 cm and 4 cm
  • Portable
  • 28 x 28 x 19


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